Makes competency-based nomination of new board member completely strategic

The shift in framing diversity beyond gender is evident in a number of developments in the last few years across the globe and in Malaysia. Ultimately, high performing organisations need broader representation across society to ensure the diversity of thought that drives innovation for greater sustainability. In order for this to happen, it has to first start from the top. Effective board stewardship has diversity of thought that makes up of diverse expertise, business experience, gender, ethnicity, age and geography that could contribute to the organisation’s long-term strategic goals.

You do not have to be a member to access director sourcing services, simply register your organisation using directorate and you can begin advertising straight away.

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Steps to source a new director using directorate

Step 1
Request for Recruiter Account at

  • Fill in the requestor details and the vacancy details to request for a database access.
  • Requestor must agree to the terms and conditions before proceed to submit the request

Step 2
Agree to Two Weeks Self-Served Access

  • Upon submission of request, an email will be sent to the requestor detailing the 2-week access fee and the successful appointment fee.
  • The access will be activated within two working days from receipt of payment.
  • Filter, sort, view, shortlist and print preferred candidates online with contact details upon approval within the two weeks window. This process can be managed by MINDA at a separate fee.

Step 3
Interview & Appointment

  • Select and submit your candidates to MINDA for an interview arrangement.
  • Successfully appointed candidate will be subjected to a one-time off fee.

Why Source With Us

Wider and larger pool of diverse director candidates

Thousands of MINDA Alumni, NIEW Women Directors Training Programme Alumni and growing list of experienced and aspiring directors since the establishment of MINDA form part of the pool of directors.

Intuitive MINDA directorate comes with multifiltering function makes director sourcing quick and easy

The multi-filtering function helps sourcing company to sift through the pool of directors quickly and easily. From tertiary education, professional qualification & membership; work experience by industry, functional role and geography; board and committee experience; to directors training, all done with real-time response.