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With the global call of board diversity, experienced and aspiring Directors with proven track records could avail themselves for new directorship opportunities. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, architect, engineer, medical professional or entrepreneur, your expertise could serve a new organisation well regardless of gender, ethnicity and age.

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  • Access to limited online resources related to corporate governance and board effectiveness (articles, tips, reports, etc.);
  • Be part of the pool of matched candidates when a company sources for Chairman, an Independent Director or a CEO (you need to opt in for this service);
  • Effortlessly build your profile, update your career progression and produce a professionally done CV;
  • Professionalise your career towards directorship with the right Directors Development Programmes.

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  • Complete your details as required online until you see your profile completion meter is at 100%.
  • Ensure the checkbox in the ‘Board Preference’ menu is ticked and fill in the details for directorship opportunities.

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Two-way matching of Board placement

While the sourcing company screens through the candidates thoroughly, the director candidates can also indicate their preferred directorship opportunity in terms of their preferred industry and number of days that can be committed to serve a new board.