Can Auditors Withdraw Their Audit Opinions?  

The Star reported about auditors of a public listed company in Malaysia declaring that audit opinion on the financial statement of that company is no longer reliable. As far as I could recall, this is the second time in Malaysia where auditors publicly declared that reliance should not be given to their auditors reports as […]

3 ways to help your board get wiser about sustainability

As climate risks loom larger in the corporate world — threatening the long-term viability of certain supply chains and product lines, not to mention reputation — how can corporate boards of directors gauge and respond to them more thoughtfully and effectively? It’s an increasingly relevant question, especially now that it’s annual meeting season, the time […]

Embracing Creative Tension in the Board Room

Board Evaluations That Go from “Check-the-Box” to Transformative by Phil Neiswender What board member hasn’t heard, “The board speaks with one voice or not at all”? Every board should agree on the core beliefs that support the success of its organization. Projecting a unified message that reflects those core beliefs is critical. However, sometimes the […]

Effective Anti-Bribery and Anti Corruption Compliance Programs

By Nate Bush, O’Melveny & Myers LLP Compliance with anti-bribery and anticorruption (ABAC) laws has become a high priority both for multinational companies active in Asia and for Asia-based corporate groups expanding overseas.  Implementing robust compliance policies and procedures is a vital step towards managing ABAC enforcement risks. What are ABAC Laws? ABAC laws generally […]

Why KPIs are the enemy of good leadership

Data is the religion of 21st-century business. Forget the false prophets of employee engagement, agility, tech or entrepreneurialism: numbers are what will get the board singing in the aisles. To the faithful, data is nothing short of the irrefutable truth itself. Anything, from profit and performance through to wellbeing, can be reduced to an all-revealing […]

The top global risks for 2017

The global business environment is riskier than in previous years, but many organisations are not devoting additional time or resources to risk management over the next 12 months, according to a new global survey. Each of the top ten risks’ perceived impact for 2017 grew compared with the previous year, according to respondents in a […]

Risk Oversight: Can Boards Get it Right?

There has been a growing trend for Boards to take much greater responsibility and be more involved in risk management. In order to exercise effective oversight, Boards are beginning to look more at macro and strategic risks whilst ensuring companies have strong organisational structures, people, internal control frameworks, risk policies and risk registers for executives […]