Boardview Magazine

Published quarterly, Boardview serves as an indispensable resource through publishing timeless, relevant content that will continue to serve leaders, their organizations, and most importantly – their boards – as they seek to improve organizational performance and effectiveness through strong board leadership.

Boardview is unique in that it will primarily focus on the job of board leadership as a whole as opposed to individual elements of practice within the overall responsibility of the board and its members. Content is written by international and local board governance experts and consultants.

What to expect in Boardview

  • Articles written by top experts and consultants from around the world
  • Explanations and descriptions of specific approaches to board governance
  • Examples of difference governance in action
  • Reports of new governance research
  • Challenges to the status quo of board governance
  • New developments in technology affecting board governance
  • Book reviews
  • Highlight on governance-related conferences, seminars, and other events

Each issue, we endeavor to bring you a Cover Story of an Industry Expert. We would love to have your suggestions on WHO you feel would make a great Cover Story in Boardview Magazine. Let us know your suggestions through our Contact Us page and we shall explore the matter further.

Contribute Articles

Boardview Magazine invites board governance professionals and enthusiasts to contribute articles for our magazine. Use the Contact Us page to offer your services or to suggest someone for board governance and risk compliance related articles and we shall explore the matter further.

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Engaging readers with lively and illuminating inquiry into how board and corporate governance can be made more effective, Boardview have been building relationships with directors through our award-winning editorial. We are a platform for peer learning and self- development in the areas of governance and risk-compliance.

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