MINDA was established in 2006 as a result of Government-Linked-Companies Transformation (GLCT) Programme Initiatives and set up in pursuant to Initiative 2: Strengthen Director Capabilities.

By 2008, MINDA operates independently as a full-fledged organisation with the following mandate:

  • Strengthen GLC directors’ skills, knowledge and mindset
  • Enhance board effectiveness by adopting the key parameters and best practices stated in GLCT Initiatives – Initiative 1 : Enhance Board Effectiveness (the Green Book)
  • Play the role of:
    • Providing training needs analysis and tailor training programmes accordingly to close the gap
    • Providing consultancy on directors and board effectiveness assessment

Since 2012, MINDA has opened its doors to private sector consists of Small and Medium Enterprises to Public-Listed Companies. Since then, MINDA has been a recognised academy in the directors’ community, capital market and corporate governance field with the following achievements:

  • Trained over 1000 directors with a consistent 4.6 over 5 excellence rating;
  • Trained more than 1000 potential women directors to achieve 30% women in key decision making positions;
  • Conducted Directors Gap Analysis (DGA), Board Effectiveness Assessment (BEA) and Individual Directors Evaluation (IDE);
  • Developed 8 local real cases with in-depth analysis and learning insights directly with the organisations. One of it being acquired and included in INSEAD Global Cases Collection.

MINDA’s vision is to be a premier institution in the development of directors with global outlook whilst supporting national agenda. MINDA’s mission is to enhance board effectiveness by equipping directors with world-class skills, knowledge and mindset required to perform to a consistently high standard.

Today, MINDA is advancing towards playing the role of Institute of Directors for Malaysia with the support from Securities Commission Malaysia and BURSA Malaysia. Under the expanded role, MINDA will cover the following components:

  • Professional Learning & Development for Directors (current role with additional role in accreditation and assessment)
  • Research on directors and effective board issues and represent Malaysian company directors on issues affecting them and work closely with regulators
  • Advocacy on effective directors and effective board governance
  • Professional Membership for directors
  • Conduct Directors and Board Effectiveness Assessment
  • Provide Directorship Opportunities for independent directors and Directors Sourcing for companies